About Guitars And Caffeine

Chelsea Clark is the owner and operator of Los Angeles' awesome repair and restoration shop, Guitars And Caffeine.

In 2003, Chelsea found herself working in Dan Erlewine's guitar repair shop. She had been doing odds-and-end house repairs for the Erlewine's when Dan saw her potential and offered her a job in his guitar repair shop.

Throughout the following years, Chelsea's life has been nothing short of a journey.  Graduating with honors from Ohio University, she left South-Eastern Ohio to find her path. Moving around a bit to experience various job offers, she lived in Chicago, NYC, Louisville, and Nashville. In Nashville she worked at Gibson's Restoration Shop. This was the first time Chelsea had had the privilege of working for an industry leader, and was exposed to some amazing instruments and even more complex lessons in business.

After a year's time, working at Gibson, Chelsea  saw more potential in bridging the gap between guitar design and repair, she decided to invest her future in research and development, going back to school for Industrial Design.  

A year later, armed with a TC in Industrial Design - the ability to take a drawing on a napkin and transform it into a tool path for a CNC machine, she received a few job offers on the West Coast. And, in the fall of 2013, Chelsea along with her better half, who is a professional musician, moved across the country to start a new life in the city that gave us Rock'N'Roll.

During the first two years living in LaLa Land, her sole focus was to helped rebuild the reputation and manage the repair shop for one of LA's legacy music stores. 

After years of experience working in various types of shops and thousands of repairs, on March 20th, 2016 Chelsea Clark officially opened her own private guitar restoration shop in Los Angeles,CA called Guitars And Caffeine. 

Her small shop is located just West of Los Angeles' hip suburb of Culver City, and takes on just about any type of guitar related repairs - from setups to vintage restoration. Chelsea strives to bring her clients an experience that will help reconnect them to their instruments - what she calls "remojoification." 

From her one-on-one repair classes to the mid-process C.Sea Recycled projects hanging on the walls, Chelsea's shop is a one-of-a-kind guitar care center that any level of player will fall in love with. 

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