Gruhn's Guide to Vintage Guitars

By George Gruhn and Walter Carter

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With a four out of five cup rating… this book is a must have for any repair shop and used guitar dealer!

This is one of the great classics — the best reference book on serial numbers, headstocks, build rundowns and original manufacturing details available in print. Having this amount of knowledge at your fingertips, without having to stare at a screen, can be extremely practical — and can help cut down on wasted time wading through blogs, online advertisements, and a lot of muddied hearsay. Any information not found in this book was not documented by the manufacturer — thus, too undetermined for Carter and Gruhn to put their names on, which makes this an extremely trustworthy and well researched reference book you can stand behind.

Though there is yet to be another reference book this detailed or diverse, there is a new kid on the block… an online reference source called GitWik. GitWik is an open online database, much like Wikipedia, where users help fill in the gaps of history.