Successful Women Think Differently

By Valorie Burton

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This book got a 4 out of 5 cup review! It’s always difficult to pick up a book that alienates you with it’s title or description — regardless, being able to understand, pivot, and communicate your thoughts are all critical skills to have.

Whether you’re a man or woman, regardless of faith, being able to clearly understand and communicate your thoughts in a way that will usher in respectful ears is extremely important. Burton has focused most of her career on empowering women because there is an historic void of female voice in business manifestos; she uses personal faith to highlight what she’s learned in business — however, the lessons taught are a must for every person. If you are wanting to move up in a company, interview for a job, ask for a raise, network at gatherings with true confidence, land a business deal, or stop feeling intimidated in professional conversations, this is the book for you! In this book, Burton shows the reader healthy ways to break down repetitive thought, negative thinking, and how negative self-image affects your career. The language used is very approachable, very professional, and a must read for a technical-minded person who is having a hard time communicating with themselves and others. Life is a constant; it’s time you develop skills that will help you adapt your thinking so you can better utilize all of the information and experiences you acquire.