what should I bring with me when I come to my drop off appointment?

Bring yourself, your instrument, your instrument case, any parts or pieces that are not attached (this includes tiny chips of wood and finish that have fallen off during the time of damage), and two sets of strings. I do not carry strings.  

When you arrive in front of Guitars And Caffeine, at the time of your appointment, call the shop number (310-881-9988) and I will let you in. Please, do not enter the complex without contacting me first. The time and privacy of my work, my clients and neighbors is something I take very seriously, and I ask for your respect in the matter. 

how can I pay for my repair?

Guitars And Caffeine accepts cash, check and Venmo. If there is a need to pay using PayPal, a 7% up charge will be added to cover site fees.

If you are have finical trouble right now, there may be options of trade or repair scholarship (a discount made possible by the donation from someone else). This is on a case-to-case basis, and I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at anytime - especially if I am uncomfortable and/or feel like I'm being taken advantage of.  

Please, do not ask for a discount - it's just me working my butt off, so there is no "wiggle room" in my pricing. That being said, I strive to keep my prices fair to the market and to the quality of work I offer.

do you repair for other music stores around los angeles?

No, I no longer repair under another name or for any other shop. Unfortunately, it was far to hard to guarantee honest communication between the other shop and customer about who was doing the repair; as well as the quality of the customers experience with the service.  

If you work at a music store or repair shop, there are three ways I can help you:

1. Feel free to refer you customer to me for a specific repair. I will work directly with them, providing high quality service, with the understanding that I am not looking to gain more of their business pass the referred work. I have no problems drawing this line, I am a professional in the highest regard.

2. With direct permission from the customer, meaning that I am in contact with the customer regarding the repair, one of your team members can act as a liaison, after repair evaluation is approved by customer - this also works with customers who have personal guitar techs. 

3. I am available to teach repair classes, which will be a great investment to make for the future of your business. Please email me. 


How often does my guitar need setup?

That depends on a few factors: the quality of the manufacturing and wood selection, season/climate change, and the treatment and care that your guitar receives. For example:

If your have recently relocated to a different climate or there has been a change of the seasons (the weather is drier, more humid, hotter, colder) the wood of your instrument will expand or contract, causing changes in the playability... so, you'll need a setup. Or, If you are looking to change string gauges, this will affect the amount of tension your guitar neck and soundboard is compensating for... so, you'll need a setup. Also, if you just bought a guitar, there's a good chance you have some room to make it even more comfortable to play.... so, you'll need a setup.

Setups help you maintain a comfortable playability. 

A lot of times, with neglected or brand new guitars, the wood and truss rod are not use to moving and being adjusted - that's why I give all of my setup customers a month to 3 months depending on the job, to come back in and have me readjust the playability until is comfortable dialed in. 

Once your guitar is setup, you should have quite a few miles ahead of you before it needs to happen again - 3 months to upwards of a year. But remember, setups are a basic maintenance to all guitars, much like an oil change is to your car. It's a great way to keep ahead of any small issues that might lead to more damage, like a lifting bridge, and is a great way to keep connected to your tool of creation.  

how long is the turn around time?

Turnaround time depends on the repair - and how busy my work load is. At the time of drop-off I will discuss the speed of turn around time with you.