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What’s in The name?

The name “Guitars And Caffeine” came about when owner, Chelsea Clark, was working for Gibson’s Restoration Shop. With her days starting at 5am, and her love of coffee helped buffer any lag. People would ask how she was, what she was doing, and they would always get the answer, “My days are full of guitars and caffeine.” This tag line eventually became the .com to her online portfolio, eventually being adopted into the website you see before.

Why do you work by appointment only?

Our clients deserve one-on-one attention. Each guitar and repair are different; setting aside a specific time for your instrument helps us focus on your needs without distraction. Giving us a clearer understanding of what’s needed, and you a better idea of what it may cost.


On-location payment is only taking at time of pickup/purchase. We accept cash, Venmo, PayPal and most major credit cards.

On-line payment is taking at the time of order placement. Our website accepts ApplePay, PayPal and most major credit cards.

*Please note: We do not take deposits for repairs or restorations. The quote given prior to work is the amount due at time of pickup.

where can I play a c.sea recycled instrument?

We host gallery events throughout Los Angeles, show casing live music and concert photography, where you can come play and purchase C.Sea Recycled Instruments.


Please check out our calendar or sign up for the Caffeinated Newsletter to find out more about pop-up locations and gallery shows.

Can I special order a c.sea recycled product?

Absolutely! Please note that our products are limited to the parts on hand, but we can integrate your ideas or color scheme into the design.

If you have a part(s) you’d like for us to incorporate into a build, we will do our best!

Repairs and restorations?

All of the repairs and restorations we take on are one-at-a-time. This helps us provide our clients with the best customer service and quickest turnaround. Everyone needing a repair or restoration is placed on our Waiting List and gotten to in order. Sorry, all you famous rock stars, no line jumping here.

do you offer classes?

We do not offer classes at this time. But, if we get enough inquires about them, we will!

Setup appointments…

One day each week we offer same-day turnaround setups to the first people who lock in an appointment. We only take on setups during that time. ALL of our clients are asked to bring their own strings, because we do not carry any one brand (nor do we want to start). If you’re not able to wait in the area or aren’t available for same-day pickup, we’ll try to work with you on schedule a time within the following week.

Does my guitar need a setup or something more?

Our setup appointments are only for setups and restrings. If you think your instrument might need more work, please contact us so we have a heads up.

Open to ideas…

We are very open to ideas and requests. However, this is an independently owned business, and Chelsea Clark reserves the right to do things her way. So, if something isn’t jelling with personalities or a repair is better suited for another shop, don’t be offended — our main goal is to provide you with the best experience possible, and sometimes that means your dream experience might not be with us.

Chelsea has worked in this industry since 2005, she has seen her share of broken instruments and met a variety of players. If it doesn’t feel right to her, she will let you know. All we ask is that you understand.