Brain Teasers

Your brain is one of the most underestimated, and most important, tools available to you - for free, everyday.

Keeping your brain healthy leads to sharper focus, clearer thoughts, better problem solving skills, and quicker analysis. Just like every other tool in your tool box, your brain needs taken care of - the more you use it, the better it works, the more fuel it needs.

The below brain teasers are designed to aid in the sustained health of your mind! Have fun!

An Algebraic Problem:

From 536 Puzzles & Curious Problems, by Henry Ernest Dudeney

#11 Market Transactions:

“A farmer goes to market and buys a hundred animals at a total cost of $1,000.00. The price of cows being $50.00 each, sheep $10.00 each, and rabbits 50¢ each, how many of each kind does he buy? Most people will solve this, if they succeed at all, by more or less laborious trial, but there are several direct ways of getting the solution.”