Mamie Minch Repairs Lacquer Scratches.

From Brooklyn Luthierie, a guitar repair shop nestled in the name’s NYC borough, Mamie Minch shares her approach to lessening the sight of lifting lacquer.

In this video, she uses butyl cellosolve, also known as 2-butoxyethanol, which is an organic solvent for nitrocellulose lacquer —the widely advertised lacquer used in instrument construction starting in the early 1900’s— that burns less hot than acetone. Because the chemical reaction isn’t ‘as hot’ as acetone, the drying time is a tad longer, the reaction is slower and the result is more controllable.

This is a great technique for a guitar repairer to master, and may help bring in instrument restoration opportunities. As a guitar builder, getting to know what butyl cellosolve is capable of can help broaden your view of finish, allowing for more creativity; as well as helping you repair any mishaps that accuse before the instrument leaves the line.