The Mission of GAC

The world is full of snake-oil salesmen — people who sell you cheap, manipulative ideas about life, about products, about processes, about techniques, about education, about success, about you. It is my belief that when we raise our thoughts, our careers, our lives, with a wider variety of perspective, we grow to live happier lives. This publication focuses on celebrating like-minded struggles and excitements, by capturing the relevance of diverse topics (and how they relate to someone who repairs and builds guitars for a living).

As someone who has chosen to build a career in the guitar repair and manufacturing industry, I find it difficult to source approachable information that is viable to all aspects of my life — without feeling belittled, berated, less-than — And, I know I’m not the only one who feels this way.

Floating in a sea of tutorials and products, I give you an online publication geared towards a life-style filled with Guitars And Caffeine.


Chelsea Clark (owner)

Chelsea Clark (owner)

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Book Reviews AND The Reading List>>>

All of the books reviewed on this site were read and reviewed by someone working in the guitar repair and manufacturing industry. The insight shared is aimed at helping you (the reader) choose what books fit your current needs. GAC uses a ‘5 cup’ rating system, ‘1 cup’ meaning the book isn’t so good, and ‘5 cups’ being a must read.

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All of the business articles are written to be approachable. GAC aims to demystify the tips and techniques used in everyday business, by relating terms and practices to those we are accustom to in our work space and industry. There is no level of qualified education you (the reader) needs, in order to feel comfortable reading and understanding the content that is presented on this site… in fact, you’re urged to think, question and grow, by using each article as an addition, not a definition.

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Your Bench>>>

We spend 40-80 hours at our work benches every week. Our life is our work, and the space in which our work takes place. Amidst the workload, there is a life that’s easily ignored — until chaos strikes. This section is focused on the health of your mind, your body and your personal goals outside of customers and clients. Being proactive about living a balanced life can only help you be better at your job; and help all of us grow a healthy industry.