Personalized Handmade Greeting Cards

Personalized Handmade Greeting Cards


With a variety of cover photos to choose from, and a handwritten note inside, the sky is the limit with the message you want to send that special someone! 

Here's What To Do: 

  1. Look through the photo carousel to find the perfect vibe.
  2. Choose the cover photo you love (A-Z, corresponding letters can be found on the top right of the photos)
  3. Think of something clever, sweet, sincere, or simple to say. (Example: Cover Photo "A" might say, "It takes two to cleat it together!"  or "No matter what might happen, we can fix it together!") 
  4. Can't seem to come up with the right thing to say? No problem! You can leave it blank or I can help. Just tell me a little bit about the occasion and vibe you want to send. 
  5. Click "Add To Cart" then fill out your information. If you'd like for me to mail it for you, make sure to fill out the "Send To" information!
  6. Enjoy the fact that you just sent a little joy out into the world :) 

*Please note that this is a layered, handcrafted card. All cards include an envelope. All messages are handwritten and located inside of the card. All shipping costs are covered in cost on orders of 15 cards or less. 

**With orders containing multiple cards: Each card must be selected and "added to cart" individually, unless you would like to order multiples of the same exact card. 

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