Pricing + Services


Helping others is what I do best.


Same Day Setup

$100/ you bring strings — One day a week the shop only focuses on setups, with same-day turn around. All setups are by-appointment only, first come first serve. So, schedule your appointment today! Setup Appointment »

Restoration and repair

Variable hourly rate — Just like people, all repairs are created differently. I’m not the shop for a cheap fix, but I am honest and all repair costs are discussed and agreed upon up front, during assessment, so that there are no surprises.  Join The Waiting List »

on-site training and business development

$500 day rate (plus travel and lodging) —  I have a lot of experience and knowledge to offer, and love helping repair teams grow their business in a way that makes them feel more confidant and prepared for anything that may come their way. Marketing and branding, businesses plan development, customer care, quality control, and effectiveness are everyday things that can overwhelm and derail business owners and their team. I’m really good at helping all of your everyday frustrations make since and work for you. The duration depends on what your team would like to learn, and the reality of what we are starting with… because learning is a process and you need to start with a good foundation. Lets Talk About Your Business Needs »