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Here you will find some of my most popular repairs.

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Setup  $90

This is a basic service that helps maintain the health and playability of your instrument. Kind of like an oil-change. This service is usually performed 1-3 times a year, depending on the care and manufacturing of your instrument. How do you know if you need a setup? If you are changing string gauges, if the action feels high or playing is uncomfortable, if you're having issues tuning your guitar or are hearing there is buzzing when you play, you might need a setup!  

Vintage Restoration  $250 and up

Vintage instruments find there way into our lives in various forms and levels of neglect. How do you know that your vintage guitar could use a bit more TLC? If the instrument hasn't been played in years, and perhaps has suffered damage from the elements or hard wear, then a restoration might just be the ticket! From damaged finish to the green build up on the frets, from bridges lifting and loose bracing, to bad repairs that need redone - I do it all!  

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Level and Dress  $250

Knowing when to level and dress your frets will help you play with ease. When you hear buzzing from high frets or divots in your frets from playing so much, a level and dress can solve that! 

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New nut or compensated saddle  $100

Between wear-and-tear to needing an up grade, installing a new bone nut or saddle can really help improve the tone and tune-ability of your instrument, in a non-invasive way. 

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Basic Electronics  $20-$60 per instal

Nothing like having your dream tone at the tip of your fingers. Upgrading 

finish repair  $50 and up

From chemical reactions to physical altercation, the finish of instruments take a lot of abuse. I offer drop filling and localized finish restoration - because refinishing the entire instrument isn't always the best approach! 

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home builds and modifications  $200 and up

There are a lot of players wanting to design, modify, and build their own parts guitars - and that last 15% of getting all the pieces together and working properly is a task all of it's own. That's were a seasoned tech, such as myself, can really help.

deep cleaning  $120

Some of the coolest instruments are caked in some of the funkiest gunk. Why? Mojo is the music you make, not the germs you spread. I put enough mojo into every instrument that crosses my bench to account of the mojo lost when I clean one up. A build up of dirt and oil can lead to wood dry-rot and splitting wood, electronics crackling and failure, hardware corrosion, finish softening and deterioration, strings breaking, parts breaking under tension, fret corrosion,  and the spread of some nasty germs. Show your instrument some respect and get it cleaned and detailed. 

crack repair  $40 and up

Cracks can be caused by many things, but one thing to keep in mind is the faster to set a crack the cleaner it will look and the healthier it will be! I cleat all cracks that are over 4" long; and spline in appropriate wood when cracks will not close. Price is determined by size and desired aesthetic outcome. Please note that if the crack has been previously repaired an added charge might be added, based on additional time needed. 

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bridge reset  $220

The bridge is the "fail-safe" of instrument engineering. Taking on the upward pull from the tension of the strings, the bridge defies physics - it comes loose when given the opportunity by compromised adhesive other internal damage. This can happen naturally over time, 10 years or longer, or can happen by introducing the guitar to climate extremes. It is more favorable to have your bridge come off than to stay down and distribute the string tension to other more delicate parts of the guitar - potentially warping the sound board and bracings. 

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