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Just want to be placed on the Waiting List for a 'just in case' with not specific instrument broken yet.
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Repair and Restoration Waiting List

Welcome to the Waiting List page. Once you submit your form as a place holder, your on it! All repairs and restorations on the Waiting List are on a first-come-first-served basis, and no amount of ‘rush fee’ will earn you the pleasure of skipping ahead.

Each repair takes a different amount of time. So, when your name has reached the top three reservations I’ll contact you, this usually happens one month to a week prior to drop-off. Once an appointment has been made, when you arrive I will assess the work needed and give you a quote on the spot. At which time, you can either choose to proceed with the work or not — no hard feelings, no charge.

*All repairs and restorations, quoted over $1000, will require a $250 deposit before work is started. This is a non-refundable deposit that is typically used for any parts, supplies, bare-bones setup time that I need to start healing your instrument - if however, it is my choosing to not start the task I will refund you … I’m not trying to get rich on deposits.